Monday, November 17, 2008

Fine tunning final project theme

Uros Otasevic

My final project for the Interface class is about exploring and experimenting with different possible methods of improving already highly advanced hand held smart devices user experience. It is not easy task to make significant advancements in the field that is exponentially improving for the last 20 years. However, I still believe there is room for improvement and think that with several enhancements we could considerably advance overall usability and efficiency.
Area of my focus will be the possibility of using human body as an interface, exploring the idea of merging computer devices with our bodies, using image projection instead of typical screens and improving still awkward text input interfaces and investigating the possibility of modular approach.
In the age of great technology advancements an all technology fields, including wi-fi and newly developed micro LED projectors, these research project goals are becoming feasible and realistic.

The main purpose of this research paper would be to find a way to get rid of mobile devices that we need to carry around and integrate them with ourselves but in most convenient way without causing any inconvenience while significantly improving overall user experience and efficiency.

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