Monday, October 20, 2008

SHOE-BE-DO postmortem conclusion

The research and development of the SHOE-BE-DO floor-mat was interesting and
fun project to work on. Ideas, goals and solutions changed rapidly over the course
of the development. The goal changed from being robust and sophisticated to simple,
elegant and pleasant to use shoe cleaning machine. Of course, this all would not be
possible without absurdly creative, talented, inspiring, brave and hardworking team
members without whom it would be impossible to succeed.

Our team was made from the creative bomb named Ira Goldberg, idea master blaster
Michael Ballard and Me. Team members clearly demonstrated visionary abilities that
guided us throughout the creative choices.

When we set out to make SHOE-BE-DO our goal was very clear. We wanted to get
to the next level, moving beyond existing products. We had anything we needed to
make this a realistic goal. Good idea, great atmosphere and plethora off skills. And
after several iterations, we finally came up with the solution how to make this product
a hit. Not that we haven’t had problems and they usually came from neglecting most
obvious things.

And as we prove once again, the definite secret for making the successful product
comes from iteration and being able to self critique. We had to build, evaluate, present, incorporate new ideas and throw things away and rebuild again.

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